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20 STEAM Scholarships Teachers Can Recommend to Their Students

Teachers can tell which students have a strong passion for STEAM subjects. Their eyes light up when they learn and they keep coming up with new ideas and projects to work on. Fortunately, there are organizations across the country that want to support this passion. From intense science competitions with strict judges to local business owners helping the community, check out these 20 STEAM-focused scholarships that you can recommend for your students.  

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics has several grants, awards, scholarships, and opportunities for K-12 students and beyond. The AIAA has awarded more than 750 scholarships over the past 20 years to students interested in science and engineering. They also have student conferences, design competitions, and grant programs. 

Entertainment Software Association Foundation

The Entertainment Software Association Foundation offers scholarships to students who want to pursue degrees including video game art and design, computer animation, and virtual technology. The ESA’s goal is to excite the next generation of entertainment developers and let students follow their passions. Some 35 students received scholarships from the organization last year, and their website features videos of each of the students, their interests, and studies.

Society of Women Engineers

The Society of Women Engineers provides scholarships each year to students entering community college or following baccalaureate or graduate paths. In 2018, they awarded more than 238 scholarships worth more than $830,000. These scholarships are only available for applicants who identify as female and who will be full-time students. Applications are due in early spring and are awarded in May. 

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers 

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers works to bridge the diversity gap for Hispanic students from K-12 through their college careers. For the 2018-2019 academic year, SHPE awarded more than $340,000 in scholarships. This website is also a great resource for STEAM teachers with relevant curricula for different age groups.

Society of Automobile Engineers International

The Society of Automobile Engineers offers multiple scholarships for students in various parts of their college experience. Some of these are small — the BMW-sponsored one is $1,500 per year — but they can all help engineering students pursue their degrees and advance their careers. Students can browse the few dozen scholarships and apply for they are eligible for.

Universities Space Research Association

The Universities Space Research Association is another space-focused scholarship fund. There are four one-time scholarships of $5,000 that students can apply for based on their interests and fields of study. The USRA is looking for students with degrees on space research, space science education, or aeronautics-related sciences. These awards are presented in the fall, with applications received in late summer.  

National Society of High School Scholars

Follow the National Society of High School Scholars for a variety of scholarship opportunities posted throughout the year. This organization awards more than $2 million annually to members across 170 countries. There are currently STEAM scholarships, entrepreneur scholarships, and international travel scholarships available. 

The Society of Physics Students

The Society of Physics Students offers several scholarships, with applications due in March. These range from $2,000 – $5,000 and are based on a variety of criteria. There are scholarships specific to women, underrepresented students, future physics teachers, well-rounded students, and students who have overcome significant obstacles.

Omega Phi Beta Sorority

The Omega Phi Beta Sorority is dedicated to “empowering women, promoting academic excellence, and achieving gender equality.” They offer a Reach for the Gold Book Scholarship for incoming university freshmen who are women of color. While this scholarship is not directly STEAM related, the OPBSI offers other scholarships throughout the year and has offered STEAM scholarships in the past. They are worth following for more opportunities.

Davidson Institute for Talent Development

The Davidson Institute for Talent Development awards scholarships of up to $50,000 to students under the age of 18 who have completed “a significant piece of work.” Alongside categories for traditional STEAM subjects, the Institute gives awards in categories including literature, philosophy, and one they call “Outside the Box.” Students are honored each year in Washington, D.C. This is a great option for your students who are already doing exciting things in school or in their personal projects. 

Masergy Communications

Masergy also offers a scholarship for young innovators. Applicants enter by submitting a one-minute video showcasing a STEM-related innovation that they have developed. They share the video on Twitter and are eligible for a $5,000 scholarship. Masergy awards this scholarship in the spring and fall, so keep an eye out for upcoming deadlines. 


Each year, the Regeneron Science Talent Search receives almost 2,000 applications from high school seniors working on exciting projects and innovations. In January, 300 of these students qualify for prizes based on their efforts. The finalists and their schools win $2,000 each (which is why teachers should encourage participation) and then 40 of them travel to Washington D.C. to show off their projects. These top 40 students participate in a rigorous judging process where they can win additional prizes, with the top award being $250,000. 

Palantir Technologies

Palantir Technologies offers about 10 scholarships of $7,000 annually for students from underrepresented backgrounds in STEAM subjects. Past recipients have ranged from computer science to optical engineering majors at colleges including Purdue, University of Texas at Austin and The University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez. They also offer a Women in Technology scholarship.  

Barry Goldwater Scholarship Foundation

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship Foundation provided scholarships to almost 500 students for the 2019-2020 academic year out of an estimated pool of 5,000 applicants. This foundation was established in 1986 to honor Senator Barry Goldwater and encourage more students to study natural sciences. Students are eligible to receive up to up to $7,500 in financial support. 

Dr. Arthur A. Kezian

Not all scholarships are offered by large corporations, there may be some scholarship opportunities available in your area. For example, Dr. Arthur A. Kezian is a Los Angeles dentist who offers a $1,200 science scholarship to high school seniors who want to pursue a science degree. Selection criteria is based on academic merit, community service, and financial need.   

ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention Inc.

This is a woman-owned wildlife and pest management organization in Illinois that offers a Women in STEM academic scholarship each year. This $1,000 scholarship is awarded to female-identifying applicants following an essay and application process. It was developed by urban wildlife manager Rebecca Fyffe upon finding out that only three percent of pest control and management firms are owned by women.


Intertech is another private company that offers a STEM scholarship. This is a $2,500 scholarship for students interested in pursuing a career in software development. This is a non-renewable scholarship, which means it is only awarded for one year for each recipient. Applications open at the start of the calendar year and are announced in May. 


ASCO offers a scholarship that is truly unique: The company awards two $5,000 scholarships to engineering students pursuing industrial automation-related careers, while also giving $1,000 grants to the engineering departments where those students are enrolled. This is a great way to help the students while improving the education they receive and resources available to them. This scholarship is only open to students who have completed their college sophomore year; however, it is a valuable scholarship for high school applicants to keep in mind.   


Toptal, an organization that specializes in talent staffing and development, offers five $10,000 scholarships for future female leaders, and pairs the scholarship with a year of professional mentorship. The goal of this scholarship is to empower “the next generation of female CEOs, founders, and world leaders who want to change the world.” You can read about some of the mentors, who include product designers, data scientists, and finance experts on their website.

The BHW Group

The BHW Group is a mobile and web application development firm that offers a $3,000 scholarship to women pursuing a STEM field. Applications are due in late spring and the winner is announced in May. While this company is focused on app development, recipients of this scholarship have pursued majors in electrical engineering, physics, and biomedical engineering.

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