4 Ozobot Activities to Surf Safely this Summer

School may be out (or getting close–hang in there!), but you can still bring STEAM learning home with you for the summer! June brings many reasons beyond summer break to celebrate. We also have Father’s Day and…

…wait for it…

National Internet Safety Month. Why is this cause for celebration? Ozobot believes that bringing awareness to cyber safety and being a good digital citizen can make a huge positive impact. After all, about 24 hours of the average person’s week are spent online! So, as you (web)surf this summer, keep web safety and digital citizenship in mind.

Join us in hanging ten, dudes, by surfing the activities and lessons we’ve collected below! Whether you’re a teacher with class still in session, a father looking for something fun to do with your child at home this summer, or you’re anyone else with an Evo or Bit, we’ve got you covered.

Evo the Troll

Grades 5-8

In the spirit of Summer Web Safety, use Evo to explore how to behave on the internet as an important piece of any good Computer Science education. Learn what makes someone an internet troll and why that’s not a good character to be, then Evo will flip the script on trolling and become a helpful, protective troll companion!

The Dancing Ocean with Crafterina

Color Codes
Grades K – 5

Celebrate the Big Blue with our little bots! This STEAM activity advocates for marine conservation and comes with papercraft cutouts that transform your bot into a dolphin, shark, swimmer, and more. Download the PDF and explore the surf!

Ozobot Light Trails

Color Codes or OzoBlockly
Grades 2 and up

For something “light” (pun intended) to do in the frenzied final days of school or as a home summer project, try this lesson. Use Evo or Bit to create art (and maybe even a Father’s Day card!) with just a camera and some OzoBlockly programming or Color Codes. Kids and parents can marvel at each others’ rainbow-colored pieces and beam with pride.

Ozobot Dance Party!

Grades 1 and up

What better way to celebrate that school’s out for summer than with a dance party? Use OzoBlockly block programming to design a dance routine for Bit or Evo, then watch them spin around with glee for Summer Web Safety!

Don’t forget to share your June creations with us @Ozobot and use #OzoSquad for the chance to be featured on our social channels or our Favorite OzoThings blog post!

Images:Surf Photo by Filios Sazeides on Unsplash

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