Bringing STEM Activities and Ideas to the Classroom to Celebrate and Honor Black History Month

Black History Month is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and impact Black Americans have had on modern society and educate students about their cultural heritage.  

In this  blog post, we’ve rounded up topics covering why it’s essential to incorporate Black History Month activities in the classroom and how you can do it effectively through interactive, hands-on STEAM lessons and an Ozobot coding robot.

Representation Matters:

Integrating Black History Month in classrooms offers students a chance  to learn and appreciate the resilience, innovation and progress Black Americans have contributed to our society!

Connecting Past and Present:

The lessons learned during Black History Month extend beyond history books. Help draw connections between historical events and current issues, fostering critical thinking skills. By understanding the context of historical struggles, students can better tackle challenges tied to diversity and inclusion.

Ways to incorporate Black History Month activities:

Watch a film on Black History

Watch a film on Black History. Afterward, encourage students to jot down their inquiry, then utilize these questions to tailor your materials and lessons for the month.


Harriet Tubman’s remarkable journey unfolds as she breaks free from slavery, evolving into an iconic American hero. Her bravery, resourcefulness, and unwavering determination liberate numerous slaves, leaving an indelible mark on history

Hidden Figures

The story of a team of female African-American mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of the U.S. space program.

Explore a lesson on Dorothy Vaughan and Fortran in Ozobot Classroom.

Guest Speakers:

Invite local Black artists, community members, historians, or individuals with expertise in Black history to speak in your classroom and share their experiences.

Music and Dance:

Explore the rich history of Black music and dance. Introduce students to influential musicians and dancers, and consider organizing a dance or music workshop.

For example, introduce students to the history of hip-hop culture. Next, organize a workshop where students can learn basic hip-hop dance moves and understand the rhythm and expression that characterize this dynamic art form. 

Art Projects:

Have students create artwork inspired by famous Black artists or focusing on themes related to equality, diversity, and unity. 

For example, students can draw their favorite influential Black individual on a blank piece of paper using Color Code Markers. First, students will draw their influential figure with pencil large and will include empty places for the color codes. Next, students will color in their codes and lines with markers with the help from the Color Codes Chart. Finally, students will place their Evo Ozobots on their maps and show their classmates. 

Field Trips:

Visit local museums or historical sites that focus on Black history. Many museums offer educational programs suitable for different age groups.

Here are our top recommendations:

National Museum of African American History and Culture

Location: Washington, D.C.

National Museum of African American Music

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Check out the Unleash the Power of STEAM in Your Classroom: 10 Fun and Engaging Activities for Black History Month blog for additional ideas for your classroom!

Black History Month STEAM lessons and activities

Explore our curated collection of lessons highlighting influential figures and historical events, perfect for commemorating Black History Month, available in Classroom.ozobot.com.

Katherine Johnson the Human Robot

In this lesson, students will engage in an interactive activity by crafting a flight path for Ozobot’s Spaceship to land on the moon, just as Katherine Johnson did!

Subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies, Computer Science, Engineering/ Tech

Grades: 3-5

Download Lesson

Prominent Black Engineers and Scientists

Students will choose an influential African American scientist and/or engineer, research their lives, and create a biographical timeline for Ozobot to follow using Color Code Markers or  Color Code Magnets, Base Kit.

Subjects: Social Studies, Computer Science, Engineering/ Tech

Grades: 6-12

Download Lesson

Black History: Influential People

In this activity students will read clues to identify five different influential people in Black history and draw a picture to show a major event for each. Students will create an interactive timeline using Color Codes to program their Ozobot to move through history.

Subjects: Social Studies, Computer Science, Engineering/ Tech

Grades: 2-5

Download Lesson

Including Black History Month in curriculum is a powerful step towards creating an inclusive educational environment for all students. Explore additional STEAM lessons curated for this month in our latest February Lesson Spotlight blog.

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