Ozobot Edu Seeks Middle School Lessons

Ozobot is looking for Middle School lessons to include in our Core Coding Curriculum, and we need your help! We are looking for lessons that can help launch a beginning teacher into the world of computer science and Ozobot integration. 

Oftentimes, teachers are given new platforms to implement in their classroom, and finding a place to start can feel quite cumbersome. Bot Camp educator training in our 2 Ways to Code can help a teacher feel more comfortable with our technology. When it comes to leading students through lessons, however, we’re hoping that our Core Coding Curriculum will help educators feel successful and confident as they introduce Ozobots in their classrooms. 

The Ask

There are three types of lessons we’re looking for: 

  • Generalized lessons that integrate Ozobots into any content area
    • Have you written or taught an Ozobot lesson that could be applied to a variety of middle school subjects? 
    • Have you written or taught lessons that could be slightly tweaked to apply to other content areas? 
  • Computer Science and Engineering-focused lessons
    • Have you written or taught an Ozobot lesson that explicitly teaches computer science principles and concepts? 
    • Have you created content around concepts around game design, design thinking, or engineering? 
  • Units of Lessons
    • Have you created lesson units that integrate Ozobots into your curriculum? 
    • Have you created project-based learning content? 

At minimum, lesson plans should include steps for direct instruction, student/independent practice, materials, and any corresponding supplemental materials.

The Upside

We would love to see the content you or your colleagues have developed, and we reward community content. All lesson submitters get rewarded with an Ozobot t-shirt, but we’re upping the benefits for Middle School lessons. For a limited time, if you submit a Middle School lesson, we will send you a free Educator Entry Kit, and if your lesson(s) are chosen to be part of our curriculum, we’ll send you a free Classroom Kit! Please submit your lessons to for consideration. 

Have more project ideas and content you want to see from Ozobot Edu? Let us know in the comments below!

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