Celebrate Lunar New Year in the Classroom with a Lunar New Year STEM Lesson with Ozobot

Engage Students in the Classroom with an Exciting Lunar New Year STEM Lesson

As 2024 ushers in the year of the dragon, Ozobot is thrilled to invite students into the fascinating world of Lunar New Year through an engaging STEM lesson. One of Ozobot’s most popular lessons, the Lunar New Year Red Envelope Adventure, provides an exciting and educational way for students to celebrate this culturally rich festival. 

Understanding Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year, also known as Spring Festival or Chinese New Year, is a centuries old celebration marking the beginning of the lunar calendar. The festival is a time for families to come together, honor ancestors, and welcome the coming year with joy and prosperity. Each year is associated with an animal from the Chinese zodiac, and 2024 is celebrated as the Year of the Dragon. This Lunar New Year begins on Saturday, February 10, 2024.

Why Students Should Learn About Lunar New Year

Integrating Lunar New Year into STEM/STEAM education offers students a unique opportunity to explore diverse cultures while enhancing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By understanding the cultural significance and traditions associated with the festival, students gain a broader perspective and a deeper appreciation for global diversity.

Ozobot’s Lunar New Year STEM Lesson

Just in time to kick off the celebration, our most-loved Lunar New Year STEM lesson has been recently updated with new activity sheets and a helpful video lesson supplement, designed to captivate students’ interest and immerse them in the festivities. The Ozobot Lunar New Year Red Envelope Adventure introduces coding concepts in a fun and interactive way using Color Codes, allowing students to program their Evo robots to navigate through a series of challenges inspired by Lunar New Year traditions.

Evo in action during the Lunar New Year Red Envelope Adventure

In this lesson, students will embark on a journey to deliver red envelopes, a symbol of good luck and prosperity in many Asian cultures. Each red envelope contains an amount of money and at the end of the activity, students will calculate how much money was collected during the adventure. 

As they code Ozobot to navigate through the challenges, students will learn fundamental coding skills and gain a deeper understanding of the cultural significance of Lunar New Year.

Benefits of STEM Learning:

  • Coding Exploration: Students engage in hands-on coding activities that build their problem-solving and Computer Science skills. 
  • Cultural Appreciation: The lesson promotes cultural awareness and understanding through the celebration of Lunar New Year traditions.
  • Interactive Learning: Students actively participate and collaborate with peers in this exciting activity, learning about a global cultural event through a STEM perspective.

Time to celebrate!

As educators seek innovative ways to introduce STEM concepts in a culturally relevant context, Ozobot’s Lunar New Year Red Envelope Adventure stands out as an exciting and educational resource. By embracing the festivities of Lunar New Year, students not only learn valuable STEM skills but also cultivate an appreciation for diverse traditions that enrich their global perspective.

Explore the Lunar New Year Red Envelope Adventure in Ozobot Classroom and empower your students to code, learn, and celebrate the Year of the Dragon in 2024! Share your creations with us by tagging @ozobot and #ozobot.

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