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Five Stories About Engaging All Learners, Anywhere, With Ozobot

In March of 2021, the American Rescue Plan set aside close to $130 billion in K-12 education funding with a wide range of allowable uses, including addressing learning loss as a result of COVID-19. As those funds reach school districts, many administrators face tough decisions about how to prioritize their spending.

With an Ozobot STEAM program, you can spend ESSER funds wisely, balancing short-term and long-term goals and student needs. In the short term, address learning loss in math, ELA, and science with Ozobot’s content-integrated, standards-aligned lessons. In the long term, ensure your students are future ready and gaining critical 21st century skills that can prepare them even for the jobs that don’t exist yet. 

But don’t take our word for it. Take it from Marcy Richards, Program Director of the Anchorage School District 21st Century Learning Center:

“In our philosophy–and this speaks to the curriculum Ozobot provides as well–we view robotics and coding as tools for lots of different academic interventions. Just because it’s a robot doesn’t mean that it can’t teach geography, math, art, or ELA. The robot is an engaging tool that students love, and you can use it to teach anything.”

Ken Kaplan, a Special Educator at Byram Hills Central School District says:

“Students of all abilities and all learning styles can benefit […] from the utilization of Ozobots, whether they have a strong foundation in coding, or [not.]”

Download our free eBook for insights from Richards, Kaplan, and more. The eBook is filled with customer stories and independent studies to validate edtech purchasing decisions and help you build a successful Ozobot program. In it, you’ll discover how amazing educators and researchers use Ozobot to:

  • Strengthen attendance and address learning gaps with after school programs
  • Promote 21st century skills anywhere (even offline!)
  • Inspire girls to pursue STEAM careers
  • Transition between remote, in-person, & hybrid learning
  • Engage students with autism and behavioral challenges

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