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Introducing Our New Color Codes Student Portfolio

We’re thrilled to announce a brand new Ozobot education offering! Our NEW Introduction to Color Codes Curriculum brings computer science to any classroom, with hands-on learning portfolios for students, developmentally appropriate video lessons, and a teacher’s guide that minimizes prep and the need for coding/robotics experience. The Student Portfolio provides computer science instruction for Kindergarten through fifth grade, featuring a cohesive learning experience not available online that guides students to:

  • Build upon prior knowledge 
  • Make cross-curricular connections 
  • Engage in exploration 
  • Think critically to apply what they have learned 

Why Curriculum Student Workbooks?

We know that teachers are not always prepared to teach computer science, and one of our goals is to make this easier for educators! The OzobotStudent Portfolios take the heavy lifting off of teachers, make CS education scalable and implementable on a larger scale, and enables equitable access to computer science instruction. 

Every bundle includes:

-12 Student Portfolios

-Getting Started (access prior knowledge)

-Guided Lesson (instructional video) 

-Check your understanding (assessment/exit tickets) 

-Coding Challenge (independent application) 

-Debugging Challenge (problem-solving) 

Also available:

Teacher’s Guide (recommended)

-Supports implementation with sample solutions

-Instructional best practices for supporting students and deepening understanding 


12 Color Code Marker Sets* for every bundle purchased.

Contact your Account Executive today to pre-order today.

*Limited availability; while supplies last

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