March OzoThings

March OzoThings

March brought a wave of STEM excitement to classrooms nationwide! From St. Patrick’s Day festivities to Pi Day and even an Ozobot interactive forest adventure, this month was filled with thrilling exploration. Here’s a quick look at the exciting activities that unfolded!

Magic Sunglasses

In Ms. Martinez’s classroom, they enjoyed reading “Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses” and engaged in story sequencing activities using Evo and color codes.

Bowling with Ozobot

Legacy Elementary loved their new Ozobot magnet tiles! Students experimented with force and motion by knocking down objects of various sizes including bowling pins.

Great Ozobot Race

Mr. Terry’s  fourth-grade students dedicated their day to crafting an Ozobot race track. Then, they programmed their bots using Ozobot Blockly from start to finish, all aiming to reach the ultimate victory at the finish line! 

How to Catch a Leprechaun

During their St. Patrick’s Day celebration, Mrs. Willis’s students utilized color codes to guide their leprechaun, ensuring he avoided all traps on his journey.

Pi Day 

To commemorate Pi Day, students in Ms. Hong’s class employed their Evo Ozobots to explore the concept of π by measuring the time it takes to outline circles and squares with the same diameter or sides.

Froggy Fractions 

Miss Fulgenzio’s students used their Ozobot coding robots in a productive math lesson! They practiced with mixed numbers and improper fractions while utilizing speed and color codes for exciting maneuvers.

Ozobot Interactive Forest 

Mrs. Rings and her students showcased their creativity by constructing an interactive forest, complete with paper trees and Ozobot robots mimicking forest creatures. It was truly astounding!

Storm Chaser

Lebanon Trail High School organized a math storm event in the library, focusing on pre-calculus! Students programmed a color coded path for their storm chaser bot, Evo, which navigated the course, avoiding the tornado.

Thank you to all our educators who shared their students’ creations. We love seeing all of your ideas and creativity! Keep the ideas and STEAM activities coming, and be sure to tag @Ozobot or #Ozobot in your creations for a chance to be featured in our next roundup of favorite #OzoThings. 

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