Ozobot Winter Inspired OzoThings: January 2022

New Year, New Beginnings: Our Favorite January OzoThings

Happy New Year! We’re back with our most loved monthly blog series, our favorite #OzoThings! If you are new to the Ozobot family, these posts are monthly spotlights of inspiring, creative and just-plain-fun STEAM creations from our community of educators, parents, and students.  

From saving the planet to ice skating and gearing up for the Winter Olympics, Evo couldn’t contain its excitement to be back in action in classrooms after the holiday break!

Check out some of the fun and creative ways Evo kicked off the year in our favorite OzoThings shared this month. 

Winter Games

Ready to code for the gold! Third and fourth graders at Rutland Intermediate School designed their own Olympic village for the upcoming Winter Olympics. To prepare for the games, they programmed Evo using Color Codes to move around through the village and bring their creations to life. We can’t wait to see all of the challenges they have in store for Evo next month when the games officially kick off — stay tuned!  

Tiny dancer 

Dawn McMillan’s kindergarten class at Hosp Elementary in Frisco, TX continued the winter fun with Ozobots on ice. Students used Color Codes to code their bots to skate around the ice rink and continue on to perform a few spins and stunts. Did we see Evo land a triple axel or two? We’d give this performance a 10/10!

Evo to the rescue! 

We often discuss the importance of STEAM education and using robots to get students excited about science and coding. That’s why we were thrilled to see Dr. Juan Xinto Hernandez create a perfect example of using Ozobots as a tool to foster a love of STEAM with his fifth-grade class at Cable Elementary. As part of a review on fossil fuels and climate change, Dr. Hernandez integrated an exciting STEM challenge with the lesson to bring the concepts to life! Students used Color Codes to program Evo to clean up an oil spill and rescue stranded pelicans — Evo the hero! 

Learning the States of Matter

Like the use of Ozobots to enhance learning about fossil fuels and climate change, we were excited to see the second graders at the John H. Heard Academic Magnet School using Ozobots to learn about the states of matter through one of our favorite science lessons in Ozobot Classroom. In the Changes in Matter Match-Up activity,  students use context clues to identify different examples of matter that change by heating and cooling. Then, students draw pictures and program their bot using Color Codes to demonstrate how some changes can be reversed and some cannot. 

We love this lesson because it’s a great visual and engaging way to enhance key learnings that will help the concepts stay top of mind, even after the subject is covered in class. 

Chef Bot 

A recipe for success! Sixth graders at Cascade Christian Schools were challenged to write code in Ozobot Blockly to move their ‘Chef Bots’ around the world in order to collect three necessary ingredients for their recipes. Such a creative way to learn to code using maps!

If you’re looking to recreate some of these creations, you can brush up on how to use Color Codes and bring them to your classroom with our new Introduction to Color Codes Curriculum: Teacher’s Guide and  Introduction to Color Codes Curriculum student workbooks. 

Thank you to all our educators who shared their students’ creations. We love all of your ideas and creativity. Keep the wonderful ideas coming and be sure to tag @Ozobot or #Ozobot in your creations for a chance to be featured in our next roundup of favorite OzoThings. We can’t wait to see what you come up with this year!

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