Video Lessons for Black History Month and Beyond

Teaching about Black History is crucial to combating systemic racism and gives people an accurate view of Black people and their contributions to society—past and present. We recognize that teaching history without Black history is incomplete, so our Edu team created two new lessons to incorporate it into your classroom for Black History month and beyond! 

Check out our remote-friendly Learn Anywhere lessons for Black History below!

Black History: Influential People

Grades 2-5
Social Studies, Engineering/Tech

It is important to recognize the contributions of Black people this month—and every month. In this lesson, students will read clues to identify five different influential people in Black history and draw a picture to show a major event for each. Students will create an interactive timeline using Color Codes to program their bot to move through history.

Of course, there are countless Black people that have been leaders and influenced society. We hope that this lesson can be a conversation starter for celebrating their contributions and achievements. 

Lesson Plan >

Prominent Black Engineers and Scientists (Remote-Friendly)

Grades 6-8
Social Studies, Engineering/Tech

Black scientists and inventors have created items and technology that we use every day. In this lesson, students will choose an influential Black scientist and/or engineer, research their lives, and create a biographical timeline for Ozobot to follow. 

Lesson Plan >

We love the potential for these to teach not only history, but compassion for what these engineers and scientists faced and overcame, along with the potential to empower BIPOC students.

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