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Top 5 ELA Lessons to Celebrate Read Across America Day

It’s Read Across America Day!

Did you know Ozobots are a great way to teach English Language Arts (ELA) lessons and other subjects beyond coding and computer science? While STEAM focuses on problem-solving and critical thinking skills, there is often a misconception these skills apply only to science and math subjects. The reality is quite the opposite. ELA and Social Studies subjects provide valuable critical thinking abilities too!  

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 5 ELA lessons in Ozobot Classroom to get you excited about using Ozobot and robotics to teach literacy for Read Across America Day and year-round! As the National Education Association says, reading is always in season! 

Read on to discover these highly engaging STEAM activities and challenges your students will love.

Meet Ozzie the Ozobot!
  • Grades: Pre-K – 3
  • Coding Method: Color Codes

Start with the basics! Our most popular ELA lesson in Ozobot Classroom features a story with ‘Ozzie,’ the Ozobot, to demonstrate the basics of color coding with markers. Created for Pre-K to third-grade students, this lesson is a perfect introduction to Ozobot and coding. Additionally, there are four challenges in using Color Codes that are differentiated to fit your class’s needs.

Write Your Name With Color Codes
  • Grades: K-2
  • Coding Method: Color Codes 

In this top ELA lesson, K to second-grade students can practice their line and code drawing skills by turning their first name into a track for their Ozobot to travel across using line jumps. This lesson tasks students with writing the letters of their names very clearly and placing Color Codes to help Evo walk from the beginning of the first letter to the end of the last letter.

Navigating Around Town
  • Grades: 3-8
  • Coding Methods: Color Codes, Ozobot Blockly 

Is your class already familiar with Color Codes and Ozobot Blockly? This lesson is for you! In ‘Navigating Around Town,’ students will program their Ozobot to navigate lines and intersections around a map to successfully complete a list of errands. Ideal for grades 3-8, students will learn and develop a better understanding of line navigation and measurements. 

Scaredy Squirrel Ozobot Coding
  • Grades: K-5
  • Coding Methods: Color Codes

In this literacy-driven STEAM lesson, K-5 students will code their Ozobot with Color Codes to travel a specific path and complete tasks related to the book, ‘Scaredy Squirrel,’ by Melanie Watt. This resource includes four ready-to-go worksheets that can be used to introduce or reinforce using Color Codes with Ozobot. Challenging and fun!

Ozobot’s Fairytale Lesson 1 & Ozobot’s Fairytale Lesson 2
  • Grades: 2-12
  • Coding Methods: Ozobot Blockly 

Who doesn’t love a two-part ELA lesson? Not us! In this mini-lesson series, students will connect writing and programming using Ozobot Blockly. In part one, students will “act out” a fairytale using Ozobot as the main character and program the bot to complete a task or engage in a behavior related to the story. In part two, students will outline a fairytale and program Ozobot to tell the story. 

Find more ELA lessons and inspiration for your classroom today in Ozobot Classroom!

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